Tripatra Multi Energi (TIME) is a Strategic Investment Holding Company that focuses in capitalizing the emerging, renewable energy sector as profitable business ventures that serves our stakeholders’ objectives. As a subsidiary of Indika Energy, this is a company built for greatness. We aim to create positive impact and long-term values for our investors, the businesses we invest in, and the communities in which we take part in. Through the Group’s experience in the energy sector and strong financial capabilities, we rise up into the sustainable investing sector by leveraging large scale projects and assets that set for significant growth and prospects. Guided by our commitment to the sustainable and future-oriented approach, we are building businesses that stands for our strong interest in clean energy, and the betterment of human living and Mother Nature.


  • To capitalize on the drives in Energy, Renewable & Eco-friendly space through Technology and Innovation.

  • To create integration and synergies across businesses.

  • To create optimum shareholders value.

  • To continuously develop its human capital.

  • To become a good corporate citizen.

Corporate Values

  • Integrity
    Honest with oneself, others and one’s work at every moment by upholding prevailing ethical standards and legal norms.

  • Unity in diversity
    Viewing diversity as an asset to the company and accepting, valuing, completing and strengthening one another as a solidly unified entity.

  • Teamwork
    Actively contributing and collaborating based on trust and shared interests rather than personal interests.

  • Achievement
    Achievement as the measure of success and the motivation to do what is best for the company.

  • Social Responsibility
    Highly concerned for the environment and community, and contributing added value as well as contributing to the prosperity of the society.
Strategic Drivers & Strategic Objectives
Renewable & Eco-Friendly

To capitalize on the global drive towards eco-friendly energy, renewable and energy infrastructure.

Energy Demand

To leverage existing assests to grow portfolio that provides a stable, long-term income.


To develop renewable & eco-friendly projects and replicate the business model to achieve economic of scale.

Technology & Innovation

To embrace the latest technology and data driven business.

To be a Preferred Partner

To be a trusted partner with credential of trustworthy & easy to do business with in renewable energy field.