Cirebon Power owns and operates a 660 MW coal-fired power plant in Cirebon, West Java, which utilizes supercritical clean coal technology, including a tangentially fired boiler with LO-NOx Burners. This technology improves cycle efficiency, reducing coal consumption and air pollution, despite the use of low calorific coal. This has enabled the power plant to keep the emissions of Nitrous Oxides (NOx) and Sulphur Oxides (Sox) significantly lower than the thresholds set by the Indonesian government, allowing it to be one of the most eco-friendly coal-fired power plants in the country. Now, Cirebon Power developing an even more powerful expansion project of 1x1000MW Ultra-Supercritical technology as part of the govenment 35 GW Megaproject in the same area, which set to be operated on 2022.
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