Beyond returns, we drive positive impacts for our companies, investors, communities and for the environment. Our business activities revolve around a few guiding principles that become the main reasons why we should be your strategic partner in sustainable and renewable energy investment.

  • Stakeholders As Priority
    We put our stakeholders second to none. It is at the core of our business to put their interest as our priority, because we believe in growing together and beneficial relationship with every company and people we are involved with.

  • Financial Strength
    As the subsidiary of Indika Energy, Indonesia's leading integrated energy company, we have strong support that gives us the ability and resources to engage in large-scale projects with reliable capital investment.

  • Experience in Energy
    Almost half of a century of experience in the industry, Indika Energy provides us with reliable team of experts with in-depth knowledge and experience, which is essential for successful investment in the renewable energy sector.

  • Future Oriented Approach
    We are investing in the future of energy generation. We strive to be one-step ahead in the implementation of renewable, eco-friendly energy and energy infrastructure in sustainable investment market.
Core Competence

As a strategic investment holding company, we stand strong on a strong foundation of Indika Energy as our parent company. We are supported by exceptional, multidisciplinary experts in the energy, financial, and sustainability field, to ensure we thrive in every venture we work on. It also puts us ahead and gives us the power to move forward in mega projects that aligns with our mission in modern and renewable energy generation, making us one of the powerhouses in the renewable and sustainable investment sector.

Our key expertise revolves around the renewable energy generation that includes construction, services, waste management, power plant developments and associated assets, and in various segments of the clean energy value chain. Our investments in sustainable innovation and technology focus on those with unique offerings, and have a clear connection to our interest in sustainability.

Business Portfolio

We are dedicated to the pursuit of investment excellence. To that extend, we have assembled a diverse professional teams with in-depth knowledge and varied experience of serving our partners’ needs. We put them first, by customizing solutions and helping them to achieve their long-term business goals.

We have grown a diversified business portfolio around renewable, eco-friendly energy and energy infrastructure through a reliable partnership scheme that creates sustainable revenue and healthy margin in every business venture. Strategic thinking, inspired investing – these are the spirit that drives us every day to reach for greater heights on behalf of our stakeholders.